Why Montessori?

Children aged 3-6 years are in an important developmental phase of life in which the foundation for their future is laid. During this time children are extremely curious, open minded and enjoy learning.

We aim to have a holistic environment in which we are able to further each child’s character, individual talents and strengths based on the educational principles of Maria Montessori. We also continue to support the children in the development of his social and emotional intelligence as well as to strengthen and refine their motor skills. The Montessori material helps to further each child individually because it conveys a learning content and makes it tangible for the child. The Montessori teacher supports the natural development of the children and addresses each specific interest and individual developmental need of the child.

The mixed-age group has advantages such as giving the children the possibility to play with one another, exchange ideas and also gives them the opportunity to learn to tackle demanding challenges. Through this they are able to develop social and cooperative behaviour from an early age. The younger have the opportunity to observe and learn from their older role models in the classroom. The older children are able to deepen their knowledge in all areas and impart their knowledge to the younger children. Each year a new group constellation forms as the older children move on to primary school. This enables all the children to have the opportunity to go through all levels of hierarchy within the three years of Kindergarten.