Montessori Method

Based on the teachings of Montessori Pedagogy it is said that one is able to become a complete human being through education. True education and development cannot be approached from the outside, it takes place inside each individual and is controlled by what Montessori calls Sensitive Periods (these are phases in which humans are exposed to something with ease). In order to ensure an optimal development of human capabilities, it is crucial to create an environment that corresponds to the inner needs of the child.

In kindergarten, we offer a daily routine in prepared environment for the children ages 3 to 6 years which allows us to focus on the following points with the children:

  • Learning by doing it (from grasping for comprehension)
  • Individual learning pace
  • Promote social and emotional competence
  • Responsibility
  • Independence
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Patience and perseverance
  • A healthy self-esteem
  • Organizing ones work
  • Skill

Every single child should be able to preserve his individuality by satisfying his needs by working independently. His self-confidence is strengthened, his personality continues to grow and thereby, also the joy of having others around him as well as becoming a part of a community. A community can only thrive where diversity is accepted. The Montessori Pedagogy takes into consideration the individual personality of each child.

Each material has its place and is easily accessible to the child. The clear arrangement of the learning materials, help the child to find his inner order through a structured environment around him. It also helps the child to orientate himself within his work area which allows him to move freely within the classroom. Thus, the natural urge for the child to move around is not suppressed. The child chooses a material from the designated place and returns it after he has accomplished his work.

The child develops an interest in the various areas of study and this is due to the strong simulative nature and attraction of the Montessori Material. The child develops joy and learns to work cautiously while handling the material. The Montessori Teacher is of service to the child, the teacher does so by giving presentations, observing and helping the child only when necessary. Therefore we guide the child to work independently.