Bilingual Education

The ability to speak different languages has become a growing need in our society. Children aged 3-6 years are in a susceptible stage for Languages. This means that they absorb all aspects of language subconsciously and are therefore able to learn a second language without much difficulty. This is done intuitively and naturally by the young child. In order for the child to learn so easily one must bear in mind that a basic prerequisite is the constancy and regularity the child has in Kindergarten, as well as the emotional attachment to his caregivers. Through the early multilingualism the child is able to acquire the structure of a language in its correct form and this helps the child later on in life when learning additional languages.

In the Montessori Children 's House, the children are introduced to the German or English language in a natural way. The Teachers at the school always speak and teach the children in their native language (German or English). The children are able to absorb and learn the language through various situations throughout the day by conversations, poems, songs and stories. Parallel to these daily encounters with language we also use the Montessori material; giving the children the opportunity to explore language in various ways. Thus, language in the Kindergarten is promoted through daily situations and in a playful manner.