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Montessori Work Cycle (MF): Individual work with the Montessori material according to the age, capability and interest of each child.

Guided Sequence (GS):The social aspect within the circle time is very important, we discuss various topics, sing songs, celebrate birthdays, etc.

Lunch Break (MP): After lunch we address the needs of the group. During this time, children are able to go to the nearby playground, play on the balcony, look at books in our cozy reading corner, listen to stories, or pursue any other silent activity.

Afternoon Offers Kindergarten:

Painting Studio: In the Painting Studio are the children able to feel like little Picassos and let their creativity run wild. We teach the children to paint using various painting techniques (brush, cork, toothbrushes, etc.). The painting workshop encourages creativity and strengthens the personality of a child.

Forest: A Forest Nest which was specially created for our children enables them to have a place where they can make new experiences and engage in new adventures. Through the spacious area around us. the children are able to move freely. This allows them to have the opportunity to become a part of nature and explore the wonderful flora and fauna in the area. The forest afternoon also promotes the children’s social behaviour, creativity, concentration, coordination as well as their gross and fine motor skills.

Gymnastics: The children are able to refine their control of movement skills by exercising, doing challenging skill-courses and playing games with various objects such as balls, ropes, hoops etc. in the gymnasium in Lenzburg. During the gym lesson they are able to experiment and challenge themselves and learn how to control and refine their movement skills. Our gymnastic lessons are suitable for children of all ages and are just what they need! Sports and movement belong to our everyday culture, movement promotes and lays a foundation for the training of each child’s gross and fine motor skills and also promotes the individual development of each child.